Springeurop Paper 7



Spring message to the new EU executive                           

“ For a more ambitious and assertive EU 

> The EU has brought long-lasting peace , economic prosperity and respect for human dignity.

    Europe must now focus on a stronger adhesion of its nations AND citizens . If necessary at

    adapted speeds .


> The EU must activate the necessary means for answering the priorities of its citizens :

    purchase power , security , defense of the environment , while maintaining its core values of

    citizens’ rights and freedom .


> Europe has been losing ground in the economic sector with growth rates significantly

   below the global average . The overall economic productivity in the EU is just

   75% of that in the US .

   The number of patent applications in the EU is lower than in the US and China in the ICT

   sector and lower than in the US and Japan in the biotech sector .


> With an ambitious agenda and strong EU brand , it’s high time for the new EU executive to

   deliver given the major challenges of internal EU unity and the need to defend its global trade 

   interests namely against the US and China .


> The  three EU institutions should act more decisively with a clear 2022 action plan and  

    milestones for the Conference on the Future of Europe . Strong leadership will be critical with

    effective bottom-up’ citizens involvement especially of young people who are the most pro-

    European generation .


> It is time to get rid of the zero sum games , of the give and take bargaining .

   The lesson of the 20th Century for Europe  : change over from nationalism to patriotism.


 > The EC , Council and European Parliament must communicate as one concerted voice

   regarding their priorities , concrete achievements and Europe’s world leadership .


> It is time for the EC to move from old style external political relations towards effective

   “ foreign affairs “ management  integrating fully security & defence, trade and technology.  


> Key growth opportunities like the new European Green Deal , AI & digital transformation ,

   the Horizon Europe innovation program must be part of a 5 year business plan based on

   Key Performance Indicators ( KPI’s ) , given the involvement of public-private partnerships .


 > Innovative and fair competition rules must be quickly decided upon to allow EU companies to

    better compete on global basis .


> The Erasmus + program is very successful . The  European Commission must further expand

   both the current funding and scope of the exchange and especially training programs in light of

   the rapidly changing global environment .


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